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Fri, Aug 2, 2019 3:06 PM

datasets for download

I am looking to license data for corporate use.  How would i get information on this?



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Adding to what Phil wrote:

IMDb licenses content to a wide selection of businesses including movie studios, cable companies, websites, video retailers, software developers, electronics manufacturers, mobile applications, and more. We offer content licensing packages that are customized to meet your needs based on your specific audience and the data being licensed. IMDb licensing content includes: cast & crew, user ratings, plot summaries, release dates, box office, keywords, filmography credits, awards, biographies, nicknames and more.

To learn more, please contact our Licensing Department for further information.

Please see our Content Subscription Service Terms and Conditions.

- - -

When you click on the Licensing Department, you will be sent to the IMDb Contact Us page (https://help.imdb.com/contact).

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1. IMDb Fan/Contributor questions button
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