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Tue, Jan 14, 2014 7:31 PM

credits are listed on movie/series sites, but my name (in the credits) is not linked to my profile

this is my profile:

there are a lot of credits mentioning my contribution to tv-series & movies, however those credits are not linked to my profile. hence those credits only can be watched on the movie/series-site itself, but not on my profile.

can I do this by myself or does the imdb-staff have to do it?

here are the single credits (soundtracks) that I'd like to have linked to my profile:

people like us. dreamworks 2012, feat michelle pfeiffer

warrior (lions gate) 2011

frankenhood (lions gate) 2008

bring it on - fight to the finish (universal, 2009)

chase - seven years (tv series, NBC 2011)

lincoln hights - eye for an eye (2007)

SF bi de lüt - landfrauenküche (2007 - )

fringe - the boy must live (2013)

melrose place - june (2009)

make it or brake it - save the last dance (2010)

graduation (bank heist)




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7 y ago

Martin: You can submit the corrections to have your soundtrack credits added to your name page. It should probably take only a few days at most for the IMDb staff to process those corrections; the IMDb soundtracks department has been keeping up to date with processing recently.

To do this, go to the soundtracks page for one of these titles, such as for "People Like Us". Click "Edit page".

On the next screen, on the Soundtracks line, select "Correct/Delete". Click "Continue".

On the next screen, select "Correct" in the drop-down box to the left of the song you worked on. Click "Check these updates".

On the next screen, you will see that you can edit the song data for the song you worked on. Each time your name Martin Haene appears, put single quotation marks around it, followed by a space, and then (qv) in parentheses like this. So the entry will appear as:

"Jamming Late At Night"
Written by 'Martin Haene' (qv), Joerg Sieghart
Performed by 'Martin Haene' (qv), Joerg Sieghart

Check the box marked "provide an explanation to assist in processing this change". Scroll down and click "Check these updates".

On the next screen, you will see your data with a green background, and there will be a space to enter an explanation. Enter something like "supplying 'qv' link". You should then be able to click "Submit these updates".

You may notice that other musicians listed in the soundtrack section also do not have "qv" links, including people such as Bob Dylan. You can add "qv" links for those other people in the same way if you choose. Further explanation can be found in the soundtracks guide at

However, the "qv" link only works for people who already have name pages on IMDb. I could not find a name page on IMDb for your co-writer Joerg Sighart, so attempting to submit a "qv" link for him would do no good at this time -- in fact, such a correction would be rejected for him.

You can proceed to submit the "qv" link to your other soundtrack credits for other films and television shows, except that you don't need to do the correction for "Warrior" because that soundtrack credit is already on your name page. If you edit some of the other soundtrack credits, you will see that other musicians listed there already have "qv" links.

Good luck!

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7 y ago

EXCELLENT - thank you very much!