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Tue, Mar 19, 2019 4:56 PM


Credit Correction with Proof

Hello - I am reaching out to the IMDB community once again to inquire about a credit that I am attempting to have corrected. 

I have provided photographic evidence and the completed film, along with the contribution on the IMDB website - and still no fix. 

I've been told that credits cannot be altered or corrected on the site by several reps once a tile has been ingested, which makes zero sense since you just corrected a credit for me which I provided evidence for - I am doing the EXACT same thing now. 

This is the only available version of the film, always has been, always will be - PLEASE take a look and make the adjustment. 

I am not asking that you correct my entire page, just one credit that I know my participation was listed incorrectly on the site. 

Once again this is for the correcting of the DIRECTOR credit - the credit belongs to MORGAN NICHOLS. 

I'd appreciate a proper response, nothing generic. 

I will continue to seek justice in this matter, by posting here. 

Chris Eadicico 

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