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Mon, Jan 15, 2018 6:40 PM

Corrections to report

1-Duplicate entries:
Today the film was announced to premiere at Berlinale.

2- The three companies listed separately as "Pouriya Film", "Pourya Film" and "Pourya film" are one and the same. The Farsi name for the company was پوریا فیلم which is here represented by three different transliteration resulting in three separate entires. It was an old company owned by the veteran director Siamak Yasami and used by him to produce his own films.

3- Duplicate entries:

"Sargije" is the Farsi equal for "Vertigo". The film was partly shot in the States and most likely had some sort of screening in the US in 2012 after its first run in Iran in 2007. Comparing the entries, you can easily notice that the cast and crew are almost identical.

4-These five production companies are one and the same:
The full name of this organisation in Farsi is "Kanoon-e parvaresh-e ferkri-e koodakan va nojavanan", often referred to by the diminutive "Kanoon" (or alternatively transliterated, Kanun). The full English title for this institution is "The institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults" and "I.I.D.C.Y.A" is an acronym for that.
Find more information about it here:




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3 years ago

Hi Ramin -

Concerning the duplicate company listings, these have now been combined and the changes should be live on the site shortly.

Concerning the duplicate title listings you reported, you will need to request that these titles be merged through our online Update form.  You can find instructions on how to merge titles here.  Once you request the updates your submissions will be forwarded to our title editors for review.  Cheers!