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Tue, Apr 16, 2019 8:43 PM

Corrections not being accepted by IMDB

WTF! I have a film called Swing that IMDB is adding roman numerals to after its release date to read Swing (2007/II).  Nothing I do to try and correct this is being accepted.  I have no other titles by this name and don't understand why IMDB is doing this. Any help would be appreciated.




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Christopher: The explanation is that your film ( is not the only film released in 2007 with the title Swing. There are two other films from the same year with the same title: -- Swing (2007/I) -- Swing (2007/III)

Since there is more than one film in the same year with the same title, they have to be distinguished from each other on IMDb by the use of roman numerals. See under the heading "Years and roman numerals".

I hope this helps.



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What information are you trying to correct?

If you are submitting data by adding the title, you can submit the project in the title form two ways.

Swing (2007/II)

Or by the title's "tt" number located in the URL.


Please write back if you have any more questions.