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Thu, Mar 21, 2019 10:59 PM

Corrections needed to be applied to Kiarostami's filmography

These two following IMDB entries both refer to the same film by Abbas Kiarostami. The original -Farsi- title of the film is Dandan-dard (meaning Toothache) and it's alternative title is Behdasht-e dandan. The film is produced in 1980 and over following years was aired multiple times on Iranian national TV.

Also this title ( is the same as which is Kiarostami's only documentary about Persian carpets/rugs. It was included in an anthology film called Persian Carpet which is also listed on IMDB ( The original/Farsi title of the film is "Kojast rah-e residan" which can be translated as "Is there a place to approach?". Kiarostami has no other film in his entire filmography called Rug. Also the running time of the film is only 6 minutes (and not 32 minutes)




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2 years ago

Hi Ramin -

Thanks for your report.  As mentioned at the link Jeorj provided above, you will need to request a Title Merge for these listings through our online Update form.

Let us know if you have further questions or encounter issues submitting the merge requests.  Cheers!