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Sun, Jun 4, 2017 6:15 PM

Contribution rejected due to lack of evidence

I submitted 2 trivia items that have been rejected due to lack of evidence:

1. The item was stating that the episode title is mentioned by a certain character during the episode (sort of a gimmick the show uses). I put a link to the actress's imdb page. Should I state the exact time during the episode where the character mentions the title? Because other than that, I don't know what evidence is needed, it is a single line in the episode (even happened to be in the trailer of that episode). Contribution number is #170601-194223-495000

2. The item was stating that a certain episode name of one tv show where a specific actor is starring, is the same name as an episode of a different show where the same actor guest-starred. In the item I included links to the actor's imdb page and to the other show's imdb page and stated its exact season and episode number. All the evidence is in the IMDB pages themselves, so I don't know what else is needed. Contribution number is #170529-185703-704000

I would appreciate your help with this, as I would very much like the items to be approved.




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4 y ago

Hi there -

I was able to review your Trivia submissions and can confirm that they were rejected because our editors did not find them to be interesting trivia.  Though the trivia may be interesting to you, keep in mind that our editors seek trivia items that will be interesting to a wide-range of individuals.

For more information about our trivia guidelines, see here.

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Then why say they were rejected for "lack of evidence"?