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Fri, Jan 7, 2022 10:05 PM


Contribution declined (ref 220107-170257-659000)

I corrected a wrong translation from a Trivia contribution and it was declined.

I am Portuguese-born, resident in spain and a teacher of English, spanish and Portuguese.

The guy wrote "panties" instead of "nipples" being this the accurate and correct translation of "pezones" (which in its turn, is the word used by the actor when he answers in spanish), The prior TOTALLY DENATURES the meaning and intent of the joke with the latter.

Why was my submission declined? I thought this was the best site for movie, series, etc... information, but keeping that WRONG info there will baffle some people which will not get the joke!

May I please be told the reason for the refusal to my contribution?

THANK YOU and kindest regards,




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4 m ago

Hi Joado -

I have now approved the episode Trivia correction, the change should be live on the site shortly.