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Wed, Sep 29, 2021 9:26 PM


Contribution declined but the requested change was made

I made two contributions which were adding the same 'as' attribute to two episodes of a series:



Both show up as declined "unable to verify" but the 'as' attribute has been added to both episodes.

Either my contribution was actually accepted but shows up as declined or someone else submitted the same changes in parallel. If my contribution turned out to be a duplicate of one submitted in parallel that was accepted before mine then "unable to verify" is an inappropriate reason.

For new episodes of a popular series, I would expect it to be common for duplicate data to be submitted so if duplicates submitted before the change goes live are to be declined the reason given should say that they are a duplicate or that the requested change has already been made.

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10 m ago

Thanks for your message.


As your change has already been applied we are resolving this.


Thanks for flagging this.

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@Rida You do realize that you haven't addressed the issue in the OP right?