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Mon, Apr 20, 2020 12:05 PM

compilation DVDs

do compilation DVDs need a separate entry in the IMDB?

it's just a bunch of episodes from 3 and 4 seasons




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1 y ago

agof, it depends, but in this particular case, most likely, no. Usually to merit inclusion as a separate direct-to-video title episodes should at least be edited into a separate entity. Example: The Flash II: Revenge of the Trickster (1991) and Flash III: Deadly Nightshade (1992) are both edits of "The Flash" (1990-1991) episodes. However, in both cases they are re-edited and have separate main titles and end credits, which already merits for a different enough version. 

If that is not the case with the title in question, I'm pretty sure it could and should be deleted. You can try and request deletion yourself. In order to do that, go to IMDb contact form, choose "IMDb Contributor", then "I need help and haven't submitted an update", then "Titles", then "Delete a title" and then "E-mail" in "Would you like to contact us?". Here's how deletion form looks like:
In "Reason for deletion" you may simply use the link to this very thread.