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Sun, Nov 3, 2019 11:25 AM

Christopher Biggins (I) anomaly

There seems to be an unusual anomaly on IMDb regarding the British actor Christopher Biggins (I). Earlier today I submitted cast & crew credits for an episode of a British TV talk show and Christopher Biggins (I) was one of the guests appearing in this episode. However, when I entered the name Biggins, Christopher into the box in the cast section of the submission form Biggins, Christopher (I) was not one of the suggestions that appeared in the "we have these suggestions" warning.

IMDb currently has 3 people called Christopher Biggins listed in the database. However, IMDb is only listing two of these in its suggestions. These are Biggins, Christopher (IV) (actor, Plebs) and Biggins, Christopher (II) (Miscellaneous Crew, Kate & Leopold). Why isn't Biggins, Christopher (I) (actor, The Rocky Horror Picture Show) listed among the suggestions? I had to open a new tab and search for Christopher Biggins on IMDb to find the correct roman numeral for the person I was adding a credit for.

Upon checking I have found that Biggins, Christopher (IV) (actor, Plebs) is actually the same person as Christopher Biggins (I) and I have now submitted a request for Biggins, Christopher (IV) to be merged with Biggins, Christopher (I).

Can a member of staff take a look at this please.




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2 y ago

Thank you for the report, I've let the team responsible know.