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Thu, Aug 1, 2013 10:11 PM

Changing or having more control over job title headings right after name

So, my boss would like to change the titles IMDB has given him right after his name on the IMDB page for him. not the titles of the movies, but the jobs titles.

for example at the top of the page it says

John Doe
production manager / Writer / Editor

and then the rest of the page

I have been tasked with figuring that out. any input from the community would be helpful. And I don't get brownie points for coming back saying everyone on the internet said you couldn't do it.


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Il y a 9 y

I believe it's automated, based on the listed filmography which is categorized based on number of credits per department.

For instance, Clint Eastwood's shows, "Actor/Producer/Director" because his filmography has 66 titles for Actor, 38 for Producer, 36 for Director, 25 for Soundtrack, 8 for Composer, 3 Miscellaneous Crew, 1 for Camera/Electrical (then Self, Thanks and Archive footage get listed separately).