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Wed, Aug 21, 2013 7:01 AM

Changing a 'video' credit to a 'webseries' credit

Someone accidentally submitted our webseries to IMDB as a 'video'. What is the best way to have it changed over to a 'webseries' so we can give credit and list individual episodes?




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7 years ago

You can submit a Title Correction, entering the title as: "Title" (Year)
The quotation marks are what define something internally as a series.

Also submit a keyword: web-series

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4 years ago

Hi Sienel, I would like two changes to be made on an imdb page. Number one it's not a video and requires to be changed to film and secondly, Avinash Mishra is the main lead in the film and his name should be at number 1 position in crew. Here's the page link-