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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 2:40 AM


Changing a long-dead actor's profile photo

The page for actor Eddy Chandler (1894-1948) features a photo of Paul Robeson as Chandler's profile picture, despite the fact that it's not Chandler and it's not even the same race.  I've deleted the tags for the photo, which is probably how this problem occurred, but I'd like to submit a new photo of the actual Chandler.  Profile pictures seem to be primarily in the purview of the actual person under current IMDb rules.  How does one add or correct a profile photo for somebody like Chandler, who's been dead for 73 years?




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12 days ago

It seems pretty much impossible to add photos to Name pages these days without paying for an IMDb Pro subscription. And then when you cancel, whatever was added gets removed.

There's one shot on his page that's only a man and a woman. Is the man really Eddy Chandler?

That photo _might_ display well enough to show his face in the primary aspect ratio/ centering algorithm.

You can use this form to request the change:

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8 days ago

Hey Jim, you might want to vote for this thread, maybe it'll help in the long run: