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Mon, Mar 2, 2020 12:11 AM

Cast listing rejected twice for a documentary.

I have recently added a documentary Bytie (2018) to database and I just happen to be an insider on a production: movie happens to be dedicated to me and was made by friends, so I know most of background information, not to mention that I've tried my best at compiling everything from main titles, end credits and the movie itself. 

Cast listing which was the only one to be rejected (twice, second time being #200226-114011-775000 and first time bundled with a title addition in #200222-014832-663000) is an unusual case. It is an interview/discussion with a person, Vladimir Ferens, speaking and singing via cellphone. I know that uncredited voice appearances might be rejected and it seems to be that what's happened, but it's not a brief appearance, but a significant part of the documentary, which lasts six minutes. 

Moreover, I'm not even sure it is really an uncredited listing: although Vladimir Ferens is only adressed as "Vova", oral announcement counts as a credit in documentary cases, so it might merit for inclusion with "(as Vova)" attribute. I'd love to hear what should I do in that situation. If it counts as a credited appearance, than it probably could be instated as the first one, since rest of the cast is credited in the end credits by their full names. Even if not, it is the case which in my humble opinion merits for inclusion. 


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1 y ago

Hi Nikolay

As per

Any announcer credit belongs in crew, not cast.

Thank you for understanding.