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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 5:21 PM

Cast Correction for Mafia: Definitive Edition declined again

Yet again I cannot seem to correct Annie Wood from being "SARAH" . Here is proof I am the Producer who cast this game   #200702-005648-835000 - I also do not understand how this entry is considered "unverifiable" but the rest of my changes have been. The game is not out so you can't see the cast list but here I am, the actual casting producer, telling you whats what and this one things can't be fixed? This is annoying. Annie Wood, did like 8 hours of VO work for a a pedestrian, and the TRUE Sarah is Bella Popa who spent months working in this. 




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10 m ago

Hi Nicole -

I just reviewed the credits listed on "Mafia: Definitive Edition" and can confirm that the credit has since been corrected to "Pedestrian":