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Mon, Jun 3, 2019 2:29 PM

can't change the inaccurate release date of my film

My IMDB page for my film Nailed It says it was released in 2016: This was only a screening of a 15 minute trailer for the film. The 59 minute feature was not broadcast on PBS until 2019. This discrepancy is hurting the distribution of the film. Here's a link to the screening of the short in 2016: The short film screening didn't even have the same title as the feature film. My last request was denied, can IMDB please intervene? 


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2 years ago

Hi, adele pham. What is the 18-digit reference number of your last request?



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2 years ago

Hi adele,

As the 15 minute short aired at film festivals it is eligible for a title page in its own right. The Nailed It feature on PBS is eligible for its own title page given the additional content between the two titles. Please go ahead and submit the new title, then once this has been accepted please make any edits to the existing title page changing the details to the 15 minute short making it clear to data editors in the comments the reasons for the edits. You can also add a movie connection linking the two titles.

Please let us know whether you encounter any further issues and we'll do our best to help.