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Tue, Sep 29, 2015 4:31 PM

Can't add names to trailer video

I uploaded this trailer
but I can't associate all these names of the title to this video

Lucas Pavetto (nm4498957)
Massimo Vavassori (nm3248925)
Giuseppe Capozzolo (nm3941926)
Bret Roberts (nm0730888)
Gabriella Wright (nm1720237)
Carl Wharton (nm2164767)
Daniel Vivian (nm1896559)
Philippe Reinhardt (nm2624310)
Davide Manca (nm3294556)

I also tried to submit a correction for this directly via the site on the page 'Frequently Asked Questions' / "How do I report video problems / Suggest Corrections for IMDb Title, Series or Names associated with this video
But it didn't worked anyway. Can you please help me to do it?
Thanks a lot




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6 y ago

Hi Lucas -

The names you referenced are now linked to the Video Trailer, see here.  Cheers!