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Thu, Mar 8, 2018 8:49 PM

Can’t Add Images to IMDb Page

I am always able to upload images to IMDb pages, except this one ( I have attempted to approach this from many different angles, looking all over the internet. It’s just the ‘Add Images’ but isn’t there, so I don’t know what to do.. someone please help. Thanks.




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3 years ago

Hi MaxPete -

The title you referenced, "Wild", is listed as an In-Development title, as such please note that an IMDbPro membership is required to add images to titles which are still in-development. The 'Add image' button will not display on in-development titles if you don't have a membership.

Once the production status has been updated to a more advanced stage of production then you will see the option to add an image to the page.  I hope this helps!

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6 months ago

I have the same problem with this video game.
If you search for it, you can't find it. This is a title that has already been published. 
what can I do to solve the problem?