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Wed, Jun 26, 2019 5:40 PM


Can we have the option to use the old format for creating lists? The one right now is very boring.

Remmember the old way of making lists. You create one, you add in what movie or person you want to make the list about and then you click on the added profile and move it up or down to the position you want it in. 

Nowadays you have to sort through the list by first adding a film or person, and then you have to add the exact number you want that profile to be seen at. 

Say I want to rank things like 
1 JD
2 JB
3 JM
4 JT

I have to not only make sure I add JT last, but if I have a list where I've already got JD & JM outt of the numerical order I want them in, then instead of simply moving the JB in the middle, I have to remember it's order at #2 on the list. 

It's not easy compared to what it used to be and it makes the fun of Listing so much more dull that I tend not to bother making them anymore and all the ones I've got in Private are just laying there cause I'm afraid I'll muck something up. 


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