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Sun, Nov 24, 2013 1:13 AM

Can a representative for IMDB please help me with deleting and correcting incorrect credits on my page.

There are several credits on my IMDB page that are incorrect. These credits listed are for films that I never took part in, never worked on, never received any pay for, never received a credit for. Most of these projects I served as an outside consultant but never actually set foot on the set. Never worked or was credited for the position titles that are posted on IMDB. The following projects are the titles in question. 

Days in the Knight (2006)
Serum (2011/II) (Short)
He Loves Me Not (2011) (Short)

There are also projects that I have made an attempt to have corrected because incorrect information was given. I have made the name corrections on the following films. 

Boundaries (2010/I) (Short) 
Drifters (2010) (Short)
The Cure (2010) (Short)
Alone (2010) (Short)

I have also attempted to add my name back to the documentary short that I directed.

Astoria Gardens (2008)

This is a link to my page.

I have gone through the request for information sections and filled them out each time to the best of my knowledge before submitting, but again again there are 0 corrections made. 

I have also submitted to have the film Boundaries (2010/I) completely removed because the film doesn't exist. The film was supposed to be a feature, it was then supposed to be a short, however money went away and it ended up just being a trailer which no long exist either. 

I have contacted IMDB, on several occasions just to have all this information corrected on my page, because just like IMDB I would like for my page to be accurate and truthful. 

If a representative could pleaseeeeeee help me with all of this It would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you, 



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a month ago

Hi Chris.


Could you please post all the contribution numbers for your removal/correction attempts.

You can find the numbers you need here at

They are on the right side at the top of each contribution you have made.

Thank you. Ask if you need further assistance.