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Tue, Jun 25, 2013 6:15 AM

brother not in-law

Attempted to correct credit error 1997 tv film Clover. Character name listed as "Gaten"s brother in law". Character was actually Jim Ed Hill. This character was Gaten's (Earnie Hudson) brother. The credit is a clerical mistake by someone at film company or distributor. Any viewing of the film will reveal characters wife(Lorreta Devine) and lead actress Elizabeth McGovern adressing me as "Jim Ed". Also the film's cast list has two of us listed as the nameless brother-in- law. I am proud of the work with these estimable colleaugues and wish my filmography to reflect the level of participation accurately. I am not computer savvy enough to correct this as several efforts to do so myself failed. Help please




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8 years ago

I'm not really sure it can be corrected, as IMDB prefers to list the name given in the credits (which seems to be the brother-in-law one if I've understood correctly). Even if there was a rarely deployed setting I'm not aware of, proving it might be problematic (as you'd usually use a screenshot of the credits as evidence for the name of a role).

Hopefully, if there is a way around this (it'd be handy if there was) someone will drop in and highlight a way forward (I'll have a nose through the FAQ in the meantime).