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Tue, Aug 18, 2015 4:13 AM

Bogus bio

The bio of this person is patently absurd (stilt walker? only member of a 'troupe'? translated for surgeons?). I suspect that the person (a comedian) wrote it under a pseudonym (Todd). As such, this bio is suspect (putting it lightly) and should be removed.




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5 years ago

Hi Skaizun -

If you are certain that there are inaccuracies within Mr. Miller's Bio on the site, the best way to let our staff know is by submitting a Bio data correction through our online Update form, and requesting that the inaccuracies be removed.

All pages on our site include an 'Edit Page' button which allows comments/corrections to be submitted to our data editors. So if you are aware of inaccurate Bio information on our site, please let us know through the 'update' function on our website.