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Fri, Dec 11, 2015 4:12 AM

Blank contributor history ??? I know that I have contributed before.

I have contributed in the past. I know this because that's why I signed up for IMDb in the first place was to make a particular contribution.

My contribution was to a character in Family Matters named "Eddie Winslow". I had contributed years back that his full name is "Edward James Arthur Winslow" and you guys made the necessary changes on the site. Now, when I logged in to my account for the first time in ages I don't see any contributor history at all. I'm curious, does the contribution list have an expiry date ?? Where did the credit for my contribution go ?




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5 years ago

Unless you deleted them, I believe that your Update History would include all submissions (I don't feel like paging through 95 pages to see what my oldest contribution is, but I know it goes back at least to 2003-08-15).

Is it possible that you created a second User Account?

This is a very common occurrence. For example, if you formerly signed in using the IMDb login, but later signed in using Facebook, you probably created a second account. For IMDb each account is a separate 'person', so submissions made under the original account would not show up under the new one.



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5 years ago

Your contribution history only records items submitted by the "Edit Page" system where you receive a tracking number and the data goes to IMDb's data managers for verification.  

What you describe above sounds like a change to IMDb's character name system (see where changes are not recorded in the contribution history.