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Wed, Jun 3, 2020 9:57 AM

bio declined despite adhering to guidelines

I've twice submitted a bio that has been declined for "conflicting with one or more of our policies as stated in our Biographic Data guide." I've checked the policies carefully and can find no conflict, but have not received a reply to my query for specifics.  

The most recent receipt:  #200529-114528-455000  




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5 months ago

Hi Jon, we ask for bios to be a 'broad and objective overview of the person' and this is way too long to be an overview. We also ask for bios to not just be about their credits, which the majority of this one is. I would assume that's the reason this was rejected. I would suggest you follow these tips from our help guide:

The biography should provide a broad objective overview of the person; not just their latest credits or subjective opinion. We already have the person's filmography so the biography should detail additional personal information in chronological order. Biographies usually answer questions such as:

Where did the person grow up?Who were their parents?Which school did they attend?How were they discovered?What was their debut?What was their breakthrough