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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 2:34 PM

B A F F L E D .

..I literally  -{  J U S T ☆ ☆ !  }-  saw that IMDb

APPROVED my Fourth ( & likely final ) Review

'Re-write' of F9 : The Fast Saga ; after making

me wait Four Whole Days , to that end ( time-

difference, and all ) . ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜

When I excitedly went to the F9-Homepage

to see my Review , it wasn't there anymore .



Champions & Friends-Of-IMDb  -{ Please }-

Don't Waste Your Time Responding to this ;

Once Again, I -{ N E E D }- 2 only hear from

a BONAFIDE IMDb EMPLOYEE..... or better




Accepted Solution



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5 d ago



I can confirm that your User Review for "F9 (2021)" has been approved and is now listed on the site.



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Dear Michelle, that's Wonderful news.

Given how  -{ Stressful }-  it is 4 me to come

back here each time , and 'wage a Reinstat-

ement campaign'... I trust you'll understand

if I give it Three-Full-Days before I .."mark ur

answer as Accepted" . .  once I see that my

Review is, well, 'still-THERE'.

Other than that I'm GRATEFUL { As Always },

because that's just my nature. Be-Well 🙏😷.



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9 d ago

Can't see the full review, and I couldn't care less about you not wanting my opinion or input, but again it's full of nonsense.

The irrelevant point that you're writing a review.

Random lines.

Irrelevant punctuation marks all over the place for no reason.

Punctuation marks which are needed, are in the wrong places.

Capital letters on words which don't need capital letters.

Quotes from the film.

Comments about the size of the film and it's budget...

All of which come before you even get started on actually reviewing film (which remains to be seen).

I've never added a review so I don't how to add the spoiler warning, but if you haven't added a spoiler warning to your irrelevant quote from the film, then that's at least one of the guidelines broken.

Capital letters in random places, could be classed as breaking the NO SHOUTING rule.

Talking about the size of the film and its budget could be classed as breaking the opinions on real events rule.

Not to mention the overall rule that reviews should focus on the title's content and context.

It's clear from your profile photo that you're a kid, who no doubt works at a local radio station, most likely a charity radio station, a hospital radio station or a school/college/university radio station, so are still immature, and refuse to follow the rules.

Talk about the film only.

Don't talk about random irrelevant nonsense.

And write like a normal person.

This book might help...


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9 d ago

The ampersand is not supposed to be used as a conjunction of clauses or to separate components of a sequence of nouns. Instead the word "and" or "with" is supposed to be used. If two proper names are being separated by an ampersand, that is alright, and there are many other circumstances whereby it would be okay to separate things with an ampersand instead of the spelled-out equivalent. The reason for this, I figure, has to do with the fact that "or" and "but" do not have symbols of their own, so readers can be spared of textual inconsistencies.

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TY Jeorj, I hope you are well.


But that wasn't my question.


My question -SIMPLY-  is: " WHY make me wait 

ALL THAT TIME... then finally -APPROVE☆☆☆

my review ....only to have it  -NOT show up on

the page  AT-ANY-POINT  thereafter  ?   ?   ?   ? "