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Tue, Sep 14, 2021 10:04 AM

Automatic department moves messes up the rest of the credits in the original department

I wasn't 100% sure where a script clearance research credit should go, so I temporarily put it in the additional crew department, and was going to check the script and continuity department when I had pressed check updates.

However after pressing check updates I noticed it had been automatically moved to the script and continuity department.

I then noticed that:

  • 2 of the credits in the additional crew department were now cream coloured, as though I was the one who added them.
  • 2 of the credits had been duplicated.
  • 1 of the credits which I had set to correct, but hadn't corrected yet, was now set to "keep."

Even after changing their status back from "correct" to "keep" it still showed the duplicate credits.

So I left the duplicated credits as they were, and was going to delete the duplicates, once they had gone through.

However I've just noticed that all of the remaining additional crew credits were affected by the automatic department move, as shown by the screenshots below, where you can see that some of the duplicate credits had replaced credits which I hadn't corrected yet, and all the other credits had been swapped around.

I haven't had an automatic department move for a while, but I can remember this happening before, with the automatic department moves affecting everything else in the department you were updating.

Therefore there's something wrong with the system.

I'll be double checking the additional crew department, once they've been accepted or declined (I've typed an incorrect letter on one of them which I'll be correcting), so there's nothing you can help me with in regards to that.

This is just to show you that there's something wrong with the automatic department move system.

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