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Tue, May 4, 2021 1:01 AM

Are "carpenters/set builders" ever described as "visual effects supervisors"?

I'm still updating the crew of a long-form music video with a huge crew, which I've been updating for the last few days.

A few of the crew members who I initially thought couldn't be the crew members I was looking for, as they had worked on some huge Hollywood blockbusters, so have now been added as new profiles, clearly were the people I was looking for as many more of the crew members I've added since, worked on those same Hollywood blockbusters.

I've just added a visual effects supervisor which was easy to find, as there's only one person with his name.

However the 2nd visual effects supervisor has 6 people with his name.

One is a writer, on a single title.

Two are actors, on single titles.

One is a senior animator, on a single video game title, so is a possibility.

One is a post production producer on a single music video title, who's been added to the production manager department for some reason. This is the one I'm going with.

And one is a carpenter/set builder/construction manager/construction coordinator/constriction supervisor etc. Basically everything to do with building sets, he does it. However he has one video game animator credit, which I suspect belongs to the one above.

The next credit I added was for a makeup artist, who has worked on some of the same big titles as the carpenter above, which has made me think it could be him, unless it's a just a coincidence that she's worked on two titles with two guys who have the same name.


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