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Thu, Aug 18, 2022 4:34 PM



Another Photo Rejection

This keeps happening to most of the photo contributions I try to make to IMDB.

receipt #220818-160149-589602

receipt #220818-160131-894902

The speed with which these submissions are rejected makes me question the vetting process and standards of IMDB.

The reason given is (and usually is) "Related item has been declined." How? Why? One of the photos is a foreign-language variant of the original and is not reflected in the photos already within this entry.

What's the point for submitting anything?



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Il y a 1 m

Hi DROCK_1001 -

Concerning these submissions, you will need to reach out to us directly through our Contact Form (following the path: IMDb Contributor  > I need help with a new submission I've made  > Images ) and our support team will be able to assist further.