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Sun, Jun 16, 2019 5:03 PM


Hi, I am trying to edit Georgian Alternate title for this movie:

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Currently the Georgian title is this:
(IMDb does not support Georgian letters, so the only way is to use Latin letters)

Alita: Mebrdzoli Angelozi (2019)

Although the translation is very close to the original, it is incorrect.

The word "battle" alone in Georgian is "ბრძოლა" ("brdzola").
If it refers to a noun, then it's "ბრძოლის" ("brdzolis").

For example:
"battle weapon" will be "ბრძოლის იარაღი" ("brdzolis iaraghi").
"battle symbol" will be "ბრძოლის სიმბოლო" ("brdzolis simbolo").

So, why the word "Mebrdzoli" ("მებრძოლი") is not correct?
Because it means a person/robot who fights, a fighter, a warrior, a battler, NOT a battle.

So, the correct translation would be:

Alita: Brdzolis Angelozi (2019)

or, the ideal way would be:
ალიტა: ბრძოლის ანგელოზი (2019)

The contribution ID is:

Please, tell me, what can I do for this problem.


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a year ago

Hi, leodevbro.

"Alita: Mebrdzoli Angelozi" is the existing Georgian transliterated alternate title

You are proposing:
"Alita: Brdzolis Angelozi"

Why not this variant:
"Alita: Meomari Angelozi"?

And which of those three is official for Georgia?

Please follow the official guidelines, and this part specifically:
Our goal at IMDb is to be able to represent to any customer in any locale (speaking language and country) what a title is known as.

For example, "Black Panther" is known in Germany as "Black Panther" to a German speaking audience, regardless of the text being in English. Similarly, "Das Boot" is known in the USA as "Das Boot" to an English speaking audience, regardless of the text being in German.

The main imdb display title for a country should reflect what title the movie/tv show is primarily known as in the locale (speaking language and country) of choice.
and so on.

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Why not "Meomari" ("მეომარი")? Because "meomari" is in fact the same as "mebrdzoli" ("მებრძოლი"). It is a person/robot who fights, a fighter, a warrior, a battler, NOT a battle.

Which one is official in Georgia? I don't think that Georgia has any official organization that is accredited to state official Georgian names of foreign movies. Well, in Georgian movie theaters, the title is:
"ალიტა: მებრძოლი ანგელოზი" ("Alita: Mebrdzoli Angelozi")
But I don't think we can consider it as a real accredited official name, because as I know, in Georgia, movie theater business is not verified by any official linguistic organization and their translation is often controversial in a sense of quality.

Well, yeah, sometimes specific translation is better to express the main essence, than exact literal translation, but this time I think the word "Mebdzoli" ("მებრძოლი") is wrong in both ways. Or, if it's not wrong, then "Brdzolis" is more correct than "Mebrdzoli" for the word "Battle" in this movie title.

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I share your concern as to the possible "wrong" or not perfect localizations of titles, but those used in theaters are in fact "official" and they are feasible to verify. This may be the reason why the submission was "Unable to verify" if you tried to change the existing alternate title.

But anyway, please wait for official reply on this matter :)

PS: and for your further understanding, this same movie may possibly be named as "Alita: Brdzolis Angelozi" later on a TV-channel, then it will be one more well-known alternate title allowed on IMDb with a proper attribute.



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a year ago

Hi leodevbro,

If the title was released in cinemas in Georgia under the title Alita: Mebrdzoli Angelozi then that should be the imdb display title.

I hope this helps.