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Mon, Aug 20, 2018 1:57 AM

Alphabetical order of credits / Other Crew

In editing a page for a film, the 'Cast and Crew' section is at the top of the items that can be edited.

Within that, the Cast is at the top and is followed by the ‘Crew’ items (roles and departments) in alphabetical order.

This is reasonable to me.

 But, when I submit an update for crew members and then go to see whether my edits have been updated on a page, the alphabetical order has been thrown away.

I can understand that senior credits for individuals will appear at the top e.g. producers, composers, costume designer.

But, after these the departments seem to be randomly ordered.

For example, a recent update has the following sequence 

Makeup Department
Production Management
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Art Department
Sound Department
Visual Effects by
Camera and Electrical Department
Casting Department
Costume and Wardrobe Department
Editorial Department
Location Management
Transportation Department
Other crew

So, having submitted information for alphabetised departments, it is annoying to have to scroll up and down to find the department on the page so I can check my updates.

Is there are reason for this?

IMDB weightings?

Historical precedents?

Database rules?

And, while we are discussing editing crew, why is the section called ‘Other Crew’ when I am editing a page, but when I look at an individual’s page, the credit comes under the heading ‘Miscellaneous’. 

Wouldn’t it be simpler to have them both called ‘Miscellaneous’?

Again, is there a reason for this?




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2 years ago

Hi Graham -

I'm not certain of the display logic for this specific ordering, I have reached out to the appropriate team for further details and will share them with you on this thread once I hear back.

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Michelle, any word back yet?