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Tue, Nov 9, 2021 9:29 AM

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ALL my credits have been deleted overnight, all together without notice and without explanation. Now evidences ALL declined...

Dear ImdbPro Team,

As per your email I have followed your instructions and provided more evidences for each of the jobs which I submitted and have been credited within the last 36 months months, and which then miraculously disappeared from my profile along with its credits overnight. 
Without notice nor further explanation. 
Point blank as a PUNISHMENT for being too good (in rank terms) in comparison to aged and winging actors and their representatives. 
Prove me the contrary if you can.

Yesterday I spend the day re collecting and sending you the required evidences of the last 4 years. Not an easy task.
This morning you informed me that for each of the 20 plus evidences I added yesterday, such as emails from Directors and job confirmations from casting agencies, 
scripts with my name on as well as completion certificates, chit payments (all by way of open URL link as requested) the outcome is a TOTAL decline of the evidences. 
ALL OF THEM in few minutes, as if you had time to didn't even have time to read, let alone to check...

Don't be mistaken, I was expecting it, considering the overnight mass cancellation of all my work of the last 4 years.
Just think about how an artist would feel.

What evidences you require?
My understanding was that IMdb pro is a (paid for) service to the filming industry. With that, treatment of all its members should be respectful more importantly equal!. 
After having deleted all my jobs, ALL OF THEM OVERNIGHT, previously checked by someone there, your request to upload additional information, and then declining a Chit payslip and named scripts as evidence seems to prove otherwise.

I deserve a reasonable explanation as to why these evidences were not accepted, and with that your guidance on what you actually will accept, as currently I am at a loss, with seemingly named scripts, chit payslips and filming contracts not providing enough evidence.

Unfortunately, deleting all my works silently overnight while still cashing daily from my credit card and then rejecting all the evidences I sent you to claim back my works you are just proving me that your are duly, miserably observing orders from above, by talent agents and actors surely "unhappy" to rank worst than me.

All that for a ranking???

They checked my profile the same week you decided to silent me deleting all my honest work of the last 4 years.

Be honest, at least read all the evidences that I provided you instead of just rejecting them all in block like that. Because, again, it's clearly pathetic.

Unfortunately I am also sure that you are just hoping for me to give up as, indeed, you have the right to reject my credit forever.
You are a private company serving someone, not the filming industry as you claim.

Prove me wrong, if you dare and try to think how an honest artist feels being treated like that. And after having paid his annual fee as the winging individuals who forced you to silent him.

Shame again unless you are proud of what you did and of what you keep doing. 

Serving the filming industry??? No comment, better...

Gianni Calchetti

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6 m ago

So precise.

Thanks! Finally @Someone!

Ask @Michelle and the @gang why PLENTY of DocuSigned contracts with dates, signatures and specific production info are not enough anymore for those IMDb Gods to gift a credit.

With Imgur, of course, thanks.

Touchy?Mistrust?Revenge? Are they professionals then?

I know why and I am still waiting for an official answer to my internal official email, not in a forum. Not from @Whoever.

I am indeed checking if @Michelle (at least now I know who did it, thanks) was legally entitled to delete in a second all the film history of an active paying IMDbPro member without a warning, a deadline, an email.

I had to email @Noneknowswho @IMDbPro to ask what happend...professionals and fair @individuals.

Thank you for all the valuable info and all the specific @s.

@Me, @You and @All

I still dare sign with my full name...they, you don't.




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6 m ago

Hi Gianni -

As daniel_francis_gardecki mentioned above, credits were removed from your page because they were unverifiable and/or incorrect as per the on-screen credits of the related titles.

I can see that there are already several credit updates pending review by our editors; as mentioned above you will need to ensure that verifiable evidence is included, specifically, if a title is unreleased we are looking for copy's of call sheets, pay stubs, contracts, reputable media articles, etc.

Otherwise, to address the issue at hand, if there were valid credits that were incorrectly removed, I encourage you to resubmit those missing credits with verifiable evidence and our editors will take another look.


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Many DocuSign Certificates of Completions have been rejected as evidences for uncredited works on set.

That, @Michelle, says it all...