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Mon, May 16, 2022 2:01 PM


Adding Credits - Wait Time???

I have added a few credits to my page but when I go back and look at my page they're not there. Is there a wait time for it to update? I see the save button literally says, "save for later" -- so what is the later part? How do I activate the additions?
Please advise. Thank you.

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1 m ago

IMDb is not Wikipedia, so you first submit the credits/info - and then there’s a ”wait time” when the IMDb data editors decide whether those credits are accepted or not (the latter usually means ”more info/proof/links are needed”). 

”Save for later” means that you can ”save” your work (if you want) and continue adding some info/credits to it later on. You need to click ”Submit” if you want to sent your info to IMDb data editors. If ”Submit” option is not available, it usually means that some info is lacking or something is not formatted correctly.






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Hi lisa_scott_46gwrybtjxr3z-

Adding to what eboy explained which everything is correct, once you have submitted your contributions there would be a review process done by our editors. You are welcome to keep an eye on our pending data processing times page to check the progress across the site.