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Sat, Jan 4, 2020 3:19 PM

Adding comments with a low rating to 1 season applies to other seasons as well?

I added a review + low rating to a season. It looks like that rating applies to all seasons.

E.g. The Crown season 1+2 they were outstanding, for me, I would rate them as10.

Season 3 is disappointing, boring, etc. In my review I rated it as 5.
When clicking on season 1, I noticed that it was rated as 5 as well...
I changed it to 10, but my review was also adjusted to 10.

Not sure whether this is correct...

I could not remove my review so as to add proper rating to season 1 and 2.


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a year ago

You currently can't rate a series per season. You can rate individual episodes and you can rate the series as a whole. You might want to respond to or vote for this Idea:

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a year ago

Thank you very much indeed. Regretfully I wasn't aware of the other thread, else I would not have posted this one. Of course I also voted for that idea.
Thanks again.