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Mon, Dec 8, 2014 5:06 PM

Adding a Project!!

I have submitted all the information requested and I still get it kicked back. I am in preproduction and I am also the Production Company filming the project. I have credits. How can I provide a trailer for something that we are about to film? HELP!!!




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6 y ago

IMDb is a bit cautious about adding independent films in Preproduction. Too many of them never fulfill the eligibility requirements. They tend to want to see a Production Company that has a good track record on finishing their projects.

I am unsure what you mean by "getting it kicked back". Does it not permit you to submit, or have you submitted and received a message from the Data Manager saying it has not been accepted?

If the latter is the case, If you post the contents of your submission in a reply here (you can copy and paste the data from the email you would have been sent when you submitted) as well as exactly what was specified in the rejection message, the contributors on this board may be able to give some advice that might help get it accepted. However, given IMDb's caution with pre-prod titles, you may just have to wait until your project has progressed to an In Production status.