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Sat, Jul 6, 2019 5:28 PM

adding a deceased person to the crew

When contributing a dead person to the crew, the submission is labeled "ready" for submission, but when the Submit button is clicked, the screen refreshes in orange with the warning about the person being dead before the title was released. 

It would be nicer if that happened when the submission is first checked.

Here's a sample:

Enter the crew member:

After clicking the Check button:

After clicking the Submit button:

The contribution goes through after I've checked the Warning Understood box, but the step feels very out of sequence.




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2 y ago

Hi bderoes, 

Thanks for your post.

I've passed this onto our technical team for further investigation now.

Have a great day. 




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2 y ago

I wonder if this is limited to certain departments. I frequently add Stan Lee (who is recently deceased) to both writer and producer departments and I don't have this issue. His credits never go green until checking the warning box.



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5 m ago


This is still an issue for Music Department.

(I don't contribute enough dead people to other crew departments to know if this is isolated to Music.)

Is there any chance of getting the system to check the death date on the FIRST pass, instead of the 2nd, as illustrated in my screenshots above?