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Mon, May 2, 2022 3:55 PM


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Hello, I currently work for a Talent agency that represents quite a lot of celebrities. But I am having problems updating their contacts. I have tried both IMDbPro and IMDb. In IMDbpro it says, the submissions will be processed within 24 hours but they never appear on the site.

And the ones done from get declined almost immediately showing the cause 'Your contribution has been declined. We did not capture a specific reason during processing.'

So what is actually going on here? What do I need to do to get these submissions approved? I have contacted support with details but they did not provide any actual solution. I am at loss here. Please give me an effective solution. 

Thanks in advance. 



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Il y a 2 m

Hi aeon_rio -

If you are having trouble getting your clients approved, I would encourage you to include evidence to accompany your submissions within the Explanation field, such as: reputable media article referencing the representation, contract, link to official website of the client listing representatives, etc.

You can also reach out to your client and request that they submit the representation contact update themselves through their own IMDb account.

otherwise, if you are still experiencing problems after submitting verifiable evidence, post the related 18-digit submission reference numbers here and our staff can investigate further.