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Wed, May 18, 2022 11:21 AM

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A film ans a tv series with the same title, actors and crew was merged

The 2010 Raul Ruiz masterpiece "Mistérios de Lisboa", which premiered in Toronto and received more than 20 awards in places liked San Sebastian, France, New York or the Satellite Awards was merged with the mini-series "Mistérios de Lisboa" page which was released in 2011. The mini-series has a larger cast, part of it does not appears in the film, plus two hours of duration, six episodes with different stories.

The crew and most of the cast are the same as is the title.

For two times I tried to create a new page for the film, but the base does not allow me. It just says there is a similar title.

They are two different works, two different products - one film, hailed as one of the greatest masterpieces of the european cinema with a duration of 246 minutes. The other is a miniseries with six hours.

Can you help me?

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