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Sun, May 19, 2013 7:48 PM

a characher recorrect

i don't know if i should post it in here but i'm new in your site so forgive me :)
it's supernatural season 3 episode 5 and i'd like to report that tracy spiridakos was'nt playing callie in that very episode, she was some nurse. and the scene she is playing are about end of the 19th minute. you can identify her by that magnificent beatiful amazing perfect blue eyes and that lovely voice of her. and the real callie is that coma-spirit girl whose the daughter of the doctor garrison
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8 y ago

Thanks for flagging this up - would there be credits available to prove this?

You don't need the credits, but it'd make getting the themcredits changed easier. I think I've seen the episode in question, but tend not to pay too much attention to the credits unless it is to fix the credits.