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Thu, Apr 8, 2021 12:06 AM

3 different pages for my film

There are 3 different pages for my title: the first was for a short film, the second was for the feature length script and the third was for the project after a second writer was added and producers.  I have two questions: 1.) how do I combine them, and 2.) how do I change the title and bring it our of development prior to adding cast and crew?

My name is Barry Opper; I am one of the writers and one of the producers of the project.  I am the sole manager of the LLC that owns the script.





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8 d ago

If the short film was made and released, it can of course be listed separately. Otherwise, you can submit requests to merge two of the titles into the third:

How can I merge two titles?

If that is approved, you can then submit another title correction if needed. You can also update the

Production status.