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Sat, Nov 20, 2021 10:56 PM



"unable to verify" how exactly?


211119-175709-761000 - screenshot link is there, "unable to verify" how exactly? that's the music group name, it's better to format this way

211119-175546-779000 - still trying to make your bad handling correct

211119-174223-168000 - "unable to verify" what exactly? Like this user asked - "why is the IMDb editor adding wrong data to the database?"

211120-181414-925000 - like explained, she does not play herself and she does not perform as an artist, in fact not even credited in music video's credits section, that's why i didn't even add her while creating this title page, anyway that formatting is correct for the artists who performs the song in music videos but not for people who plays a character or a minor role. and i can't come up with a character name too, so empty is better than a wrongly formatted name by misunderstanding of guidelines. Guidelines do not say add everyone and every actor appears with their name as character name, it says "artist should be added with the character name as their own name" (one of the re-submissions approved)

someone started to be more eager to decline my submissions lately, why are you doing that? you can't possibly have any excuse to decline that duplicate image or that minor character name fix.

also, while editing a movie, stumbled upon this and cleared all fake credits: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9363164/

it's empty now, can be deleted I guess.

And lastly, I will ask why did you ignore the all-fake profile reported on this thread with my every new thread.

Adding to Elwood_Blues's question a new one myself: "why is the IMDb editor keeping fake data on the database and disrespectfully ignores the report?"



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2 m ago

Hi mbmb -

Concerning your submissions:

211119-062609-264202 - The image has now been suppressed.

211119-175709-761000 - The title has now been corrected.

211119-175546-779000 - I'm checking on our title display logic or this particular instance  I will follow-up shortly.

211119-174223-168000 - the erroneous alternate titles have now been removed.